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What is the difference between 'Instant Minting' and 'Lazy Minting' and how is one or the other option selected?

When creating collectible items, creators can choose between "Instant Minting" and "Lazy Minting". The difference is that, in case of choosing the first of the mentioned possibilities, the minting will be done on the spot and the creator is responsible for the cost of the gas fee. In this case, the items will exist on the blockchain from that precise moment.

On the other hand, in case of choosing "Lazy Minting", the items will be generated only on the SPOZZ platform and will not be mined until the first buyer decides to purchase one of the items. It is important to know that, until this first minting occurs, the contract will not exist on the blockchain so the authenticity of the items cannot be verified until the first purchase has been made. 

Therefore, the first buyer will have to make sure by other means that the item he/she wants to buy is trustworthy (for example, having copied the link from a reliable source). 

How to choose between "Instant minting" and "Lazy Minting"?

Whether you prefer to perform 'Instant Minting' or 'Lazy Minting', you will choose one or the other option when creating NFTs or items in the SPOZZ.club Marketplace (if necessary, see How to create an NFT or collectible items in the SPOZZ.club Marketplace?). 

Thus, when creating the collection, one of the fields is "Minting type".

As indicated, in case of choosing "Instant Minting", the items will be mined instantly and the cost of the gas will be paid by the creator at that precise moment. On the other hand, in case of choosing "Lazy Minting", the mining will occur when someone decides to buy the items. In fact, with this second option, the creator does not pay the gas for the minting, but the first buyer does. 

What is the process after selecting "Instant Minting"?

After selecting "Instant Minting", click on CREATE CONTRACT.


Then, you must confirm with your wallet.


Once the NFT is created, the platform will notify you:


How is the process after selecting 'Lazy Minting'?

In the following image, you can see that we are about to create 88 copies of video collectibles under a collection previously created by us for these tutorials:


We will define Lazy Minting under 'Minting Type':


A few seconds after clicking "Create NFT", the platform will give notice that it was successfully generated. It is worth repeating that the generation is done on the SPOZZ platform, but not on the blockchain until the first buyer performs the minting. 


This is how the newly generated Lazy Minting item looks like (not on the blockchain):


This is how it looks from another account (a potential buyer):


That's it for this tutorial. You have learned the difference between "Instant Minting" and "Lazy Minting" and how to generate collectible items through Lazy Minting.

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