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How can I mint during the pre-sale and main-sale stages?

Those wallets that were added to the whitelist through referral codes (see How to add a wallet to a whitelist from a referral code generated on the SPOZZ.club platform?) or through CSV files (see How do I add wallets to participate in the minting through a CSV?), will be able to participate in the mining when the pre-sale date arrives. In the main-sale, all interested persons will be able to participate as long as there are items available.


Minting process during pre-sale

In the following image, you can see that the pre-sale stage is active:



Also, in the previous image, you can see that the minting page we will use is the public link to participate in the pre-sale:


Of course, the wallet was already attached during the whitelisting stage, otherwise it would not have the MINT button enabled (if necessary, see How to add my wallet to the whitelist of a collection from a private or public referral code generated in Tokenizzer?).

For the MINT button to be enabled, the mining stage must be open. As shown in the following image, there are 4 minutes and 56 seconds left for the pre-sale to close. 




Well, to proceed with the minting, select the number of items you want and click on MINT:




When doing so, confirmation will be requested in MetaMask, although, before proceeding, it is possible to edit the gas fee by clicking on "Site suggested". 




Then, the following window will open in which we can define that the mining will be done in the "Market" mode.



 As you can see in the following image, the gas is already defined in "Market". Proceed to confirm:




Seconds after confirming, the following notice will appear in the upper right margin that the operation was performed:





You will also receive confirmation from MetaMask:


As you can see in the following image, the Tokenizzer will warn that it has already minted 1/6 available in the pre-sale (which is, precisely, the NFT that we minted a few moments ago): 




At this time, the NFT we have minted should already be in our wallet....

To check it, we go to MetaMask and click on the three vertical dots and select the option that will allow us to see the account in Polygonscan.





Indeed, the NFT already appears in the ERC-721 tab: 





Minting process during main-sale


Once the main-sale starts, the operation is similar, with the difference that any wallet can participate in this stage, including those that did not join during the whitelisting period.

The public minting link can be copied by the creators of their own minting page. As can be seen in the image below, the button to get the link is located above the creators' minitelisting button.




Below, you can see the link copied into a Word document:



Those who have this link at the time the main-sale is open, will be able to participate in the minting as long as there are items available. In the following image, you can see that the link to the public minting page has been copied into the browser and that the CONNECT WALLET option appears:





Proceed, then, to connect the wallet in the same way as seen previously in this tutorial:

Once the wallet is connected, the last available NFT can be mined. As you can see in the image, there are 38 seconds left for the main-sale to close:



The next step is to click on MINT, define the gas fee in "Market" and confirm.




After minting the last available item, change the minting page settings as you can see in the picture below.




That's it! You have seen how to mint in pre-sale and main-sale, the process being similar in both cases. It is worth mentioning that, to participate in minting on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Smart Chain networks, the process is identical in either case.



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