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How to customize the minting page of the collection in the Tokenizzer?

The collection's minting page can be customized in two instances:


-Before publishing the collection.

-After publishing the collection.


Before publishing

On the home page of your Tokenizzer account, where you can view the collections you have created in the past and the drafts you are in the process of creating, go to the DRAFTS section and select the unpublished collection for which you would like to customize the minification page.

To do this, click on the down arrow and then select Customize.





A new page will be displayed where you can set the characteristics of the collection's min page.


1. If you wish, choose an image that will be visible at the top of the page with the 1920x500 format (mentioned as Banner #1). If the image to be uploaded does not have these dimensions, it will not be accepted by the platform.



After uploading the image with 1920x500 dimensions, click on Save....





When you do so, the following warning will appear:




According to the image we have selected, this is how the banner for this tutorial looks like:





2.   Under the area available to place an image in the top banner, click on Customize





When you do so, the following window on the right side of the page will be displayed:






There, you will be able to modify the color of the page background, the color of the text, of the buttons. You will also be able to change the thickness of the buttons... In the following image, you can see a custom selection:




After completing this configuration regarding the colors and buttons on the minteo page, by scrolling down, we will be able to add the collection links to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Discord. 

Further down, there is an option that will allow us to choose if we want the banner to be visible at the top of the minecraft page, if we want some items from the collection to be displayed and if we are okay with a banner at the bottom of the page. Once all the desired fields have been completed, click DONE.




When you do so, a notice will appear in the upper right corner indicating that the changes have been applied.



Then, click the SAVE button in the upper right margin to save the changes. Of course, if you would like to make further changes in the future, you will have to repeat the procedure by clicking the CUSTOMIZE button again:




After publishing the collection

As you can see in the following image, the collections we have already published are listed in the COLLECTIONS section.



Then, click on the image of the collection you want to edit the formatting of the minify page. After that, the process will be exactly the same as before publishing the collection, so you must follow the same steps as previously explained in this tutorial.    

As can be seen in the following image, such changes can be made even after the mining process has already started (this collection is in Batch #3):




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