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How to change the wallet with which the collection will be created?


In this tutorial, we describe the steps to change the wallet you have connected when starting the creation of the collection (if necessary, see How to choose the wallet with which the collection will be created?). 

This connection was made when you clicked on "Yes":


For these tutorials, when we clicked "Yes", we had MetaMask open with the following wallet:




So, indeed, the Tokenizzer detected that Wallet Address - to which, in this tutorial, we are going to change:  



Indeed, to change the wallet, the following steps must be taken before continuing with the creation of the collection (later, you will not be able to do so, because the wallet of the creator is defined in this instance and is set forever):


1- Go to your wallet and proceed to disconnect it from Tokenizzer. For this purpose, you must click on the three vertical dots and then select "Connected sites", as shown in the following image: 



Then, you must confirm that you want to perform the disconnection:



2- Subsequently, choose the wallet with which you have decided to create the collection.

In MetaMask, you can change the wallet by clicking on the circle shown in the following image with different colors above the word "Lock". After that, you will be able to indicate the wallet you want. For this tutorial, it will be "Account 1": 





Indeed, "Account 1" already appears in the MetaMask extension:



3- Go to the Tokenizzer platform again.

The platform will ask if you want to connect the wallet. Simply accept.

In case the question does not appear directly in the top right margin, refresh the page and the question will appear:

 4- Confirm the connection with MetaMask:



That's it! You will see that the platform will have already incorporated the account you have chosen in the Wallet Address field. In the case of this tutorial, the "Account 1" address:



You can, then, continue to complete the rest of the requested fields and move forward in the creation of your collection.

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