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How to exchange SPOZZ Tokens for SPOZZ Credits (and vice versa) and for what purpose?

Arguably, SPOZZ Credits exist only within the SPOZZ platform and allow you to consume, make purchases and tip within the SPOZZ platform.

For the user who doesn't understand blockchain, simply put, you can buy SPOZZ Credits and never need to have SPOZZ Tokens.

Meanwhile, SPOZZ Tokens exist on the blockchain and can be purchased and exchanged for MATIC / USDT.

For their part, artists will be receiving SPOZZ Credits, SPOZZ Tokens, MATIC and USDT according to the sales and/or tips they receive.

At any time, anyone can exchange SPOZZ Credits for SPOZZ Tokens (and vice versa) at no cost. So if an artist receives 100 or one million SPOZZ Credits (or however many), they can exchange them in SPOZZ as follows:

1. Go to SPOZZ Convert.

2. Within this section, indicate the amount you wish to exchange. As you can see in the image, the platform perceives that my balance is 5 SPOZZ Tokens, so I will not be able to exchange more than the amount I have.


You don't need to convert the total amount you own. For this tutorial, in this case, we converted 2 of 5 SPOZZ Tokens we own.

To perform the exchange from SPOZZ Tokens to SPOZZ Credits, you will need to approve in your wallet, which is not necessary when switching from SPOZZ Credits to SPOZZ Tokens.



After the exchange, the balance is updated on the SPOZZ platform:


And in your wallet:



The exchange will then be displayed in reverse (from Credits to Tokens):


That was all for this tutorial! You have learned how to exchange SPOZZ Tokens for SPOZZ Credits (and vice versa).

In a following tutorial, you will see the functionalities that SPOZZ Credits have within the SPOZZ ecosystem.



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