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How to create a wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

There are many ways to create a wallet, but in this tutorial we will explain how to have the most popular wallet used today: MetaMask. With this wallet, you will be able to interact on all platforms of the SPOZZ ecosystem.

If you prefer to use another wallet, we recommend you to go to the official links of these wallets and watch their official tutorials. Or, as a second option, turn to tutorials from content creators that you may consider very trustworthy. 

It is important that you are very careful in this aspect; especially if you are planning to handle an amount of money that may disturb your sleep (if it is your first wallet, we recommend that you start by handling very small amounts).

How to download the MetaMask extension in my browser and how to generate my first wallet?

First of all, go to the official website https://metamask.io/ in your browser (e.g. Chrome):


After clicking on the "Download" button, you will be taken to a new page where you can choose which browser you want to download the MetaMask extension in. Right there, the browsers that support Metamask are indicated. Click on the icon of the corresponding browser:



After selecting your browser, you will access a new page where you can start the download. As you can see there, there are already more than 15 million users of this extension at the time of this tutorial. Here, you must click on "Add to Chrome":


If you want to continue, you will need to confirm:


In a few seconds, you will already have the extension in your browser and you will be able to create a new wallet or recover a wallet you had previously created. To do this, you must read and accept the terms of use.



After clicking on "Create a new wallet", MetaMask gives some more guidelines about its service:


In the next step, you must create your password. One important thing is that in Web3 you are responsible for taking care of your passwords; you should never share them with anyone and no one can ever help you if you forget them. Above all, the most important thing is the seed phrase:


After setting your password, the next step has to do with the seed phrase of this wallet, which will allow you to be the only person able to access those funds. As Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility, because if you lose that phrase, you will have no way to access those funds.

Therefore, you must write down this phrase composed of 12 words on a piece of paper or on several pieces of paper (not on your computer or cell phone) and save this information so that you can access it the day you need it.

To continue, the option you must choose is "Secure my wallet":

After choosing this option, you will have the possibility to see the seed phrase. Do it when no one else sees you:


For this tutorial, we reveal the phrase as an example, because it is never going to be used this wallet:


The system will ask you to complete some of the words to prove that you have copied the phrase:



After clicking "Confirm", you will have already created your wallet:


After that, MetaMask explains where you can find the extension inside your browser.



Click "Done" and get to know your wallet. It will be empty and without coins. Initially, you will see the Ethereum network, although MetaMask also supports Polygon and BNB Smart Chain, for example.


With this wallet, you will be able to trade on the various platforms in the SPOZZ ecosystem. Continue watching more tutorials and learn little by little. In truth, it is not so complex to manage on the Web3, but you must take certain precautions that will allow you to keep your assets safe.

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