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How to create an art or music Drop in the SPOZZ Marketplace?

You should know that all NFTs and collectible items created in the SPOZZ Marketplace are within a collection. 

So you must first have created a collection. If necessary, see How do I create collections that allow me to make Drops, NFTs and collectible items with 1155 and 721 contracts?.

Next, we will see how to create an art Drop within a collection called "Collection Art & Collectibles 1155" that we have previously created:

1. First, go to "Create" and choose "Create Drops":


2. Here, you have to select the category to which this Drop will belong. 


In this case, we choose "Art & Collectibles". You could choose the category music, photography or animation as well. The process in all cases is very similar. Mainly, what varies is some information (metadata) that the creator can add in his drop. In this regard, we recommend you to see the article How to upload the ISRC code, the lyrics of the song and other specific data to our releases?:


3. After clicking "Next", you should start filling in the fields. In Drop, you will not be able to generate unlockable content, so if that is your intention you should go to "Create NFTs".

Select image for this Drop:


Give name and description for this Drop:


Then, select collection: 


When selecting the collection, several fields will be completed according to the characteristics of the collection (as explained in the tutorial in which this collection was created, at that time, we preferred not to define attributes for the collection, so that when creating this drop and other NFTs or drops in the future within this collection, we are free to set new attributes that differentiate each drop from the others, even if they are part of the same collection):


Well, now, let's choose the attributes (you can choose one or several):


Royalties are set, where several wallets can be defined (something very useful if you make a collaboration with other artists or musicians):


In Drop Model, you can choose between "Limited supply", which will give a quantity of copies that can be purchased while stock lasts:


Or you can opt for the "End of sale" model, which implies putting a closing date for sales, so users will have a time limit to make the purchase:

Well, we are going to create the Drop according to this second modality.

After clicking on "Create Drop", the platform will start the process and a few seconds or minutes later will confirm the creation of the Drop (no need to pay a fee for it):


After creating it, this Drop will appear in the creator's profile:


Meanwhile, if one enters the collection to which it belongs, "Collection Art & Collectibles 1155", one can see that this Drop appears there (along with other items created within this collection):

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