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How to set up collection minting stages in the Tokenizzer?


To define the mining stages in a collection being created, one of the options is to click on DRAFTS and then on Publish



When you click on Publish, the following window will appear, where you can choose whether there will be private, whitelisting, pre-sale and main-sale mining stages, as well as the start and end dates and times for each of them:




Also, before publishing the collection there is another way to define the minting stages: click on DRAFTS, Customize....



In the configuration of the minting page, if we have not yet published the collection, the PUBLISH button will appear in the upper right margin. 



When you click it, exactly the same window we have seen previously will appear, asking if you want to generate a whitelist period. If you choose No, you would only have to select the time at which the main-sale stage will start and end.





Of course, if Yes is selected, we will be able to set the date, hour and minutes for the beginning and end of each stage.

Also, the platform asks if you want to perform a private mining stage, through which the creators of the collection can generate some NFTs of the collection outside the stage of whitelists and public sales. Subsequently, these NFTs can be transferred to team members or collaborators, for example.    

For this tutorial, we will choose that the private mining stage will be performed at the beginning and that 10 items can be generated in this stage.



After clicking YES, the MetaMask interface will open to confirm. But, before doing so, you will have to define the gas at the Market price.

As you can see in the following image, in principle, a suggested gas cost appears in "Site suggested". 




Well, you must click on "Site suggested" to be able to edit the gas cost. In this window, click on "Market".



After clicking, the gas will be defined in "Market" and you can proceed to Confirm:



After confirming, the following notice will appear in the upper right margin:




That's it! You have seen how to define the whitelisting and mining stages. The process is exactly the same for defining the whitelisting and mining process for each of the batches in case you are selling your collection in batches.

Also, if you want to edit the whitelisting and miniting stages again, the process is very simple (see How to extend or update the whitelisting, pre-sale and main-sale stages?).


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