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What is an NFT collection?

We have already seen what NFTs are and what they are used for. However, it is very common for different creators, artists, or projects to create NFT collections, which often also grant access to certain utilities, allowing them to bring together a group of individuals who share a common interest.

There can be collections linked to music, visual art... Also, collections linked to companies, startups, or projects.

All NFT collections are backed by distributed ledger technology, which ensures their authenticity by allowing verification of who created them, when, and so on.

Within an NFT collection, each item has a uniqueness that makes it one-of-a-kind (if it were a collection with identical items, they would not strictly be NFTs but semi-fungible ERC-1155 tokens).

Depending on the uniqueness that each NFT possesses compared to other items in the collection, there may be different levels of rarity. Generally, the rarer NFTs will have a higher value because it will be more difficult to possess a piece with its unique characteristics.

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