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How to buy SPOZZ Credits and SPOZZ tokens with a credit card?

The SPOZZ club ecosystem incorporates new technologies that facilitate the process of payment and distribution to artists immediately anywhere in the world with the advantage that fans do not need to have specific knowledge to be able to use the platform.

To make this possible, the ecosystem makes use of the so-called SPOZZ Credits, which can be purchased with a credit card.

Once users purchase SPOZZ Credits, they will be able to listen to songs or buy and participate in future profits from songs, for example, without needing to understand the technology behind it (blockchain).

The blockchain will ensure that artists receive the benefits immediately, securely, with very low transfer costs to anywhere in the world. All this, without the user having to have any knowledge.


So, how to buy SPOZZ Credits with a credit card?

1. Go to the Finance section.



2. To buy SPOZZ Credits (second icon), no knowledge of blockchain is required. You can do the whole process with your credit card.

As you can see in the following images, the process is very simple: you must define the amount you want to buy and the platform will indicate what the dollar value is. Then, go ahead to make the purchase with the credit card.



3. Also, under "Buy SPOZZ tokens" (first icon), you can buy SPOZZ tokens with a credit card, as you can see in the following images. However, to do so, you must have a wallet and basic knowledge of blockchain.

The truth is that both SPOZZ tokens and SPOZZ credits have a stable dollar value and can be freely exchanged within the platform.

The stable value means that the SPOZZ tokens/credits acquired by users are not affected by the possible variations in prices that cryptocurrencies usually have.



4. As you can see, you can also purchase SPOZZ tokens with MATIC and USDT coins within the SPOZZ platform.

The truth is that you can buy from very small amounts and the process is very simple (of course, this option is only possible for those who already have some knowledge of blockchain).

A few seconds later, the exchange will take place and you will receive the SPOZZ tokens in exchange for the MATIC or USDT depending on the exchange you have made.

In order to display the SPOZZ token (SPZZ) in your wallet, you must import it with the following contract: 0x1275082e83DeDbE02d15de62986729f64661892c.



That was all for this tutorial! You have learned how to buy SPOZZ Credits and SPOZZ Tokens with credit card (and, for those who already have some knowledge in blockchain, it has been shown how to make the purchase with MATIC).

The following tutorials will show you how to exchange SPOZZ Credits for SPOZZ tokens (and vice versa) and how to use SPOZZ Credits within the SPOZZ ecosystem.

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