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What's the Difference Between Creating Music and Art with 721 Contracts and 1155 Contracts?


It's important to know that collections, Music, art and collectible items can be created on the SPOZZ Marketplace with both 1155 and 721 contracts. 

The practical difference is that with a 721 contract, artists and creators can release many copies of each song or artwork they bring to the market. However, if an artist creates a collection with a 721 contract, they can only launch a unique piece for each release.

In summary, the SPOZZ blockchain and marketplace offer both possibilities for artists and creators to express their creativity and choose the contract type that suits their releases.

As mentioned earlier, a collection could be seen as the foundation for creating different collectible items later. 

To learn how to create items with either contract type on the SPOZZ Marketplace, please refer to "How do I create collections that allow me to make Drops, NFTs and collectible items with 1155 and 721 contracts?".

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