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How to publish a collection in Tokenizzer?

Once you have uploaded your collection (or Batch) images and uploaded the item attributes and the CSV with the item names and descriptions (if necessary, see How to upload the images of the collection to Tokenizzer?, How to upload collection item attributes? and How to upload the names and descriptions of the items in the collection?), you can proceed to publish the collection.  

Before publishing, the collections in the process of creation appear in the DRAFTS section.


It is worth mentioning that until you proceed to publish, you will not have to pay any gas cost, so you can create as many drafts as you consider necessary before publishing.

Well, once you are sure that all the images and data in the CSV files are correct (you can go to the Customize section before publishing to check that the information of all the items is what you want), you must click on the down arrow on the collection you want to publish and click on Publish.


After clicking on Publish, the following window will appear where you can define the public sale dates, whitelisting, if you want private mining (if necessary, see How to set up the collection minting stages in the Tokenizzer?)...



Once you have all the fields defined, click on the YES button:


After clicking YES, the MetaMask interface will open to confirm. But, before doing so, you must define the gas at the Market price.

As you can see in the following image, in principle, a suggested gas cost appears in "Site suggested". 



Well, you must click on "Site suggested" to be able to edit the gas cost. In this window, click on "Market".



After clicking, the gas will be defined in "Market" and you can proceed to Confirm:



After confirming, the following notice will appear in the upper right margin:



That's it! The collection has been successfully published. Indeed, it will no longer appear in the DRAFTS section, but in the COLLECTIONS section, together with all the collections you have previously published.


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