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How to add my wallet to a whitelist from a referral code generated on the SPOZZ.club platform?

In previous tutorials, we have described how to generate the referral codes (if necessary, see How to create referral codes for the delivery of whitelists from the collection? and How to modify or delete a referral code for the delivery of whitelists?).

Well, during the whitelisting period, the people who receive the private or public codes generated by the creators of the collection will be able to add their wallet to participate in the pre-sale. 



The step-by-step is as follows:


1. Select the wallet you wish to adhere to the whitelist:






2. Copy the referral link that you have received and paste it into the web browser in which you have the MetaMask extension, for example. 


Then, you can see the private link that we had previously generated in these tutorials: 



By pasting it in the browser, you will be able to access the page where you will be able to make the wallet accession while the whitelisting period is open. This link will also be used to perform the minting once the pre-sale starts.








Then, you will have to select the wallet. For these tutorials, we select MetaMask.





Then proceed to make the connection.







4. Add the wallet to the whitelist.

Once the wallet is connected to the minteo page with the referral code, the ADD MY WALLET TO WHITELIST button will appear. Then, click on that button.





Once you have done these three simple steps, your wallet will already be attached to the collection you wish to mine and the platform will give you the confirmation through a notice that will appear on the top right margin. 


Joining the whitelist via a public link

If you have received a public link to add your wallet to the whitelist, the process is exactly the same as the one mentioned in this tutorial for private links. The only difference is that for private links there is a limit to the number of wallets that can be added as defined by the creators, while with a public link, all wallets that have access to the link can be added.



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