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How to create a NFT or image, audio or video collectible items with 721 contract?

To create a 721 NFT, you must first create your own collection with a 721 contract (if necessary, see How to create your own collections for NFTs and collectible tokens in the SPOZZ.club Marketplace? What is the purpose of creating these collections?).

The creation of NFTs or collectible items with contract 721 has a very similar process to the one explained in How to create an NFT or collectible items of image, audio or video in the SPOZZ.club Marketplace within an own collection with contract 1155? 

Well, the process starts the same way: you must go to "Create", "Create NFTs". 


You must choose the content of the NFT, the main image, the name, the description and, of course, when choosing the collection, in this case, you will choose a collection that you have previously created that allows you to create NFTs with 721 contract (if necessary, see How do I create collections that allow me to make Drops, NFTs and collectible items with 1155 and 721 contracts? and What is the difference between creating with 721 contracts and 1155 contracts?).

When selecting the collection, you fill in various data according to the characteristics that correspond to the chosen collection (as when creating the "Audio Books Collection 721" collection we did not define attributes, now, when creating this NFT, we are free to give it specific attributes; for example, duration of the audio book...):


Then, you define the royalties, decide whether to put the NFT for sale and the other necessary fields before proceeding to create it:


Of course, it must be confirmed with the wallet.


Once the NFT is created, the platform will notify you:


After accepting, in the profile, we will be able to find this created item in the "My NFTs" tab. If we have put it for sale at the time of creation, it will be in the "On Sale" tab; otherwise, it will be in "Owned":


By selecting this item, the creator can see its features and share its link to other people, who will then have the possibility to buy it. 


That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to create a NFT within a 721 contract collection.

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