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How to put Music and collectibles items on sale in the SPOZZ Marketplace?

It is possible to offer for sale and set the price when creating NFTs and collectible items as described here and in all the tutorials related to the creation of NFTs.

Now, to put on sale those NFTs that are not for sale, as is the case of the items shown in the following image, you must perform the following steps:




Click on "Options" and choose "Sell / Change Price"....


When you do so, the following window will appear. 


Then, you will be able to choose between two ways of selling:

By immediate selling price

In the window, you will indicate an immediate sale price, i.e. an amount for which the sale will be made without negotiation. In fact, you must choose the price and currency.

As you can see, the creators can put on sale a quantity of items different from the total if they want to keep some items. For this tutorial, we will offer for sale 100 items out of 333 total items:


The putting on sale must be confirmed in the wallet:


After confirming, the platform will give notice that the putting on sale was successful:



Indeed, you can see that 100 of the 333 are for sale:


Putting up for sale to receive offers

In this case, the procedure is similar, with the difference that the "Instant sale price" button is not activated. This way, you will receive bids and can start a negotiation. 


After clicking on "Update", you must confirm in your wallet:


After confirming, the platform will give the following notice:


That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to put NFTs or collectible items for sale on the SPOZZ Marketplace.

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