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How do I create collections that allow me to launch Music Drops and collectible items with 1155 and 721 contracts?

A collection is like a box in which you can drop songs, digital art, books, animations and any item you wish to create on the blockchain. 

In this sense, if you are a musician, you may want to release several songs that you have already created, as well as those that you continue to create in the future. If you are a visual artist, you may also have many works created that you could offer for sale on SPOZZ. 

Then, for musicians, it would be useful to create a music collection where you could gather all your songs. You could even create several music collections, to differentiate according to different music genres, for example.

1155 Contracts and 721 Contracts

Collections with 1155 contract allow artists and creators to launch multiple copies of each song or artwork they release to the market. 

However, if an artist creates a collection with a 721 contract, they can only release a single unique work for each launch.

Blockchain technology and the SPOZZ Marketplace offer both options for artists and creators to unleash their imagination and choose what best fits each of their releases.

As mentioned earlier, collections can be considered the foundation upon which various collectible items will be created later.

How to Create Collections on the SPOZZ Marketplace?

To create collections on the SPOZZ Marketplace, follow these steps:

Go to "Create" and then select "Create Collections":

Begin by filling in the required fields. 

First, you should upload a banner and the main image representing this collection. You can use the tools that appear in the upper right corner to adjust these images each time you upload one.

Next, you need to specify the category to which this collection belongs. In this case, define it as "Art & Collectibles". Also, provide a name for the collection.

In the "Symbol" field, define a short designation for this collection with a maximum of six characters (only letters and numbers are accepted) that will be present in all NFTs and items created within this collection. 

Describe your collection. You should also select whether to create the collection with a 1155 or 721 contract. Additionally, choose the blockchain to which all future items created in this collection will belong. In this tutorial, we selected Polygon.

Before creating the contract, you can add attributes to this collection. Click "Add attribute," fill in the information in the pop-up window, and accept it.




It's possible not to define attributes for this collection. In that case, you can specify and customize attributes every time you create a new NFT or drop, or attributes will be fixed and unchangeable.

Then, for this tutorial, we click on the cross to delete the attributes we had defined. As you can see in the second image, the attributes have already disappeared:

Finally, after completing all the fields, create the contract. This will incur a gas fee. After clicking "Create contract", the platform will initiate the creation process, and you'll need to confirm with your wallet.

Upon confirmation, the platform will notify you when the contract has been created.

After accepting, the platform will direct you to your profile, where you can find the newly created collection under the "My Collections" tab.

When you select the newly created collection, you can view it in detail.

In this case, the collection is empty because it has just been created, and no NFTs have been created within it.

How to Create Your Own Collections with a 721 Contract?

The process is very similar to what was mentioned earlier, with the difference that you should choose 721 instead of 1155 in the previously seen field.

As seen in the previous image, when selecting a 721 contract type, an additional field appears where you can choose an unlimited supply. This means that with this contract, you can create as many NFTs as you wish.

In contrast, if you select a limited supply, you need to specify the exact quantity in another field that will appear. For this tutorial, we chose 33, but it could be a higher or lower number. The decision on supply depends on the type of collection you want to create.

Afterward, you must choose the blockchain and create the contract. Upon doing so, confirm with your wallet.

Once the collection is created, the platform will notify you of this. 

After accepting, you'll find the newly created 721 collection in the "My Collections" tab on your profile.

That's all for this tutorial! To learn how to create an NFT or collectible items within a created collection, please see "How to Create NFTs or Collectible Items of Image, Audio, or Video on the SPOZZ Marketplace?" If necessary, you can also check "How to Create a Drop Within Your Own Collection on the SPOZZ Marketplace?".

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