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How to buy NFTs in the SPOZZ Marketplace?

In this tutorial, we will show you the process to buy an item instantly, that is, at the price defined by the seller.

On the platform, you have different ways to search for NFTs or collectible items in the "View" tab:


Well, for this tutorial, we will buy items of the collectible items that you can see in the image below, whose price defined by the seller is 0.003 MATIC.


Of course, in this case, you must have the Polygon network in your wallet and a sufficient amount of MATIC to make the purchase.

It is worth mentioning that, if the seller so defines, buyers would also have the option to bid for a lower price (if necessary, see How to place a bid for an item offered in the SPOZZ Marketplace?). 

Well, to make an instant purchase:

1. Go to "Buy now". 

2. After clicking on it, the "checkout" window appears, in which you must enter the number of items you wish to buy. The platform will immediately calculate the cost that it will represent and will also consider the royalties. 

Once you define the amount of items you want to buy, click on "Pay":


3. Confirm with your wallet:


After that, the platform will give notice that the transaction was successful and will direct you to your profile, where you will be able to see the NFT you have purchased in the "Owned" tab, that is, in the tabs of the NFTs owned by you.

It is also possible to check the reception of the items in Polygonscan:


That's it! You have seen the process to make a purchase at the price defined by the seller.


How to buy a NFT 721

The process is exactly the same. 

-Click on "Buy Now":


Complete the CHECKOUT (since it is an NFT 721, there are no copies, so only one unit can be purchased): 


After clicking "Pay", it must be confirmed in the wallet:



After that, the NFT will appear under "Owned":


That's all for this tutorial! As you can see, by clicking on this item, you can access its link:

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