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How to create and sell items in the SPOZZ Marketplace with unlockable content?

In this tutorial, we will explain specifically how to offer for sale items with unlockable content, that is, content that can only be accessed by the people who make the purchase. 

This tool can be very interesting when selling music items, for example, since potential buyers could see only a preview of the song before buying, although it could also be an exclusive photo or video that the artist or creator would like to share with buyers. 

Creation process

As a first step, in the SPOZZ Marketplace, click on "Create", "Create NFTs".

For this tutorial, we will create a music item in which, open to the public, you will be able to listen to a small 4-second fragment of a song. 

Of course, if the unlockable content tool is not used, the seller should upload the entire song here, open to the public, and simply leave the unlockable content section disabled, which will be discussed later in this tutorial. 


After uploading the audio file and the cover image that represents this musical work, you must complete the following fields, which are explained in more detail in How to create a NFT or collectible items in the SPOZZ.club Marketplace?.

In this case, we will create this item within a collection that we had previously created (if necessary, see How to create a collection in the SPOZZ Marketplace and how useful it is?).


Of course, the category for these items will be Music. 


In this case, as we are creating the item within a collection that was already defined for music items, the platform automatically fills in several fields, including "Category":


Subsequently, you can select what type of licenses the NFT will have (you can choose all, some or none). 


The user can place the mousse over the licenses to see a small description of each of them and consider whether to add them or not.


Regarding the number of copies, we will put 100 in this case and define some properties for these items (more can be added using the Tab key):




Subsequently, you must complete the Royalties fields and those related to the sale of the item as already explained in previous tutorials:


Finally, as you can see in the following image, among the last fields to be defined, there is "Unlock once purchased" as optional. In this case, we are going to activate it:


For this tutorial, the "full song" is 12 seconds - longer than the 4-second file accessed without making the purchase. 

This tool can also be very useful for videos, for example. That is, only a part of it can be viewed publicly and the full content is unlocked upon purchase.

After completing all the fields, click on "Create contract". Then, the platform will start the process that you will have to confirm with your wallet:


After completing the process, the platform will give the following notice:


After finalizing the creation, the platform will direct you to your profile, where you can see these newly created items with those you would have previously created. In this case, these items appear for sale, because that is how we have defined them. Otherwise, they would appear in the "Owned" tab.


To go to the sale screen of these created music items, click on the respective image.


As you can see in the previous image, all the public will be able to listen to the 4-second open content, while it will be indicated that there is a blocked content.

Extra information: in the authenticity test of the items with unlockable content, the possibility of also viewing this extra content appears: 


By clicking on "View unlockable content", you access this 12-second audio that can only be viewed by those who own the items (if the creator sells all the items, you would not be able to view it either):

That's it for this tutorial! You have learned how to create and sell music items with unlockable content.

If you are interested, you can continue with the article How to buy items with unlockable content in the SPOZZ Marketplace and access to this content?.

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