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How to receive and send SPOZZ token (SPZZ)?

SPOZZ token is divisible, so you could receive and send very small fractions of it.


To receive SPOZZ token

To receive SPZZ, the first thing you must do is to have a wallet (a cryptocurrency wallet) that is compatible with the Polygon network. This is very important, because if you receive tokens to the wrong wallet, you will lose them forever.

Indeed, cryptocurrencies facilitate the process of sending and receiving, because you can send tokens anywhere in the world in a few seconds (as is the case of the SPZZ token) or minutes (as is the case of Bitcoin), but you must do it conscientiously, because a mistake can mean the loss of these assets forever.

Well, MetaMask and Phantom are two wallets in which you own the Polygon network and which are compatible with the SPOZZ ecosystem.

In the various wallets you can use, you will always have the possibility to copy your address (the public address of your wallet) and send it to the person or entity that wants to send it to you.

Below, as an example, you can see the address on the MetaMask platform on the Polygon network:




After clicking copy, you will see that the wallet is longer than what you see in that initial image where you only see the beginning and end of the wallet. In this case, the full address is:



In effect, you must send the public address of your wallet to the person who will send you SPOZZ token. Once you receive the token, you will have to import it to be able to see it (if necessary, read How to import SPOZZ token to be able to see it in the wallet).


To send SPOZZ token

To send SPOZZ token, of course, you must have SPOZZ token and also MATIC in your wallet, as it is the cryptocurrency with which shipping costs are paid in the Polygon network. Such shipping cost is low.

To do this shipping, in this opportunity, we will use Phantom (if you don't know what Phantom is, we recommend you to watch official tutorials or from sources you consider very reliable to create your wallet in Phantom).

In the following image, you can see that in this wallet you have a little bit of MATIC and a little bit of SPOZZ token.




The next step is to select the SPOZZ token. By doing so, you can already see the "SEND" button to make the send.




After clicking on SEND, the platform asks you to indicate the Polygon address to which you want to send and indicates the available amount of SPZZ.






Paste there the address of the wallet to which you want to send (for this tutorial, 0xc50DDD6f151F279016ee92fAdf80c4c07011c6Ad8) and indicate the amount of SPOZZ token you want to send. As you can see in the image, it can be a very small fraction of it.






However, we will send the total SPOZZ available for this tutorial (0.5). Then click on "Next".




When you do so, you will see the shipping data (the address, the quantity to be sent, the shipping cost). If all the data are correct, click on "Send".




After a few seconds, the shipment will be sent.






In recent activities, you will see that the transfer has already taken place:




Since the total has been sent, that token no longer appears in the Phantom wallet:




Said token has already arrived in the MetaMask wallet, although the recipient will not see said tokens until he/she imports them. This process is explained in How to import SPOZZ token to be able to see it in the wallet.



Next, we will see the process to send from MetaMask (which is quite similar):


-Select the SPOZZ token.

-Click on "Send".

-Indicate the wallet and the amount of SPOZZ token you want to send.
















After confirming and sending, there are no SPOZZ tokens left in the wallet:





That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to send and receive SPOZZ token.



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