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How to create Batches with different amounts of NFTs within the same collection?

The creation of batches with different amounts of NFTs (for example, creating a first Batch of 10 items, a second of 20; and a third of 5) is really very simple.

At the moment of creating each batch, Tokenizzer will show you the following screen: 

There, according to the number of images you upload, the number of items that each batch will have will be defined and you will be able to continue creating new batches as long as these two conditions are met:

-The mint of the previous batch has been completed (in other case, the possibility of creating a new batch will not be enabled).

-The mint of the Total Supply of the collection has not been completed (because, in this case, there would be no more items to create for this collection).


Once the images have been uploaded, the creators must also upload the CSV file with the attributes that correspond to these images and, if desired, the CSV file with the names and descriptions that the NFTs of this new batch will have. Of course, the serial numbers of these CSV files must correspond to the number of the images.

Detailed explanation about the process of creating CSV files and uploading them can be found in tutorials about the Tokeizzer in this Help Center.



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