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How to start creating a collection in SPOZZ.club Tokenizzer?


To start creating a collection on the SPOZZ.club Tokenizzer, log in to your account on the official website https://tokenizzer.spozz.club (if necessary, see How do I create my account on the SPOZZ.club Tokenizzer?). 

After logging in, the following screen will appear.


On this page, you can see the collections already created in the COLLECTIONS tab and the collections in production in DRAFTS

If no collection has been created so far, the platform will indicate this with the following warning:



Well, here is the process to create a collection in Tokenizzer, let's go for it!


Step 1 - Click on "CREATE".



Step 2 - Connect the wallet to the Tokenizzer.

After clicking on CREATE, a new page will be displayed inviting you to connect a wallet to Tokenizzer. The following prompt will appear in the upper right margin:


After clicking Yes, the window to connect the SPOZZ platform to your wallet will open. 

For this tutorial, we will use MetaMask. We will then proceed to make the connection:



After making the connection, the platform fills in the "Wallet Address" field with the address of your wallet: 


Said image in detail (in your case, your wallet address will appear):


Step 3 - Start creating the collection

Begin to fill the fields indicated by the platform.

In "Logo", we must choose the profile image for our collection. To do this, click on "+" and select the image from our computer.


For this tutorial, we have selected the following image:


At this point, you must select the name to the collection, the name of the contract, the Symbol (the acronym that represents our collection), a description for your collection and define the royalties.


As previously mentioned, the wallet address is detected and filled in by the platform.

On this initial page, you also set the royalties that the creators will receive for future sales of the items in the collection on the secondary market. The network on which the collection will operate must also be chosen. For the case of this tutorial, we will choose Polygon (MATIC), although Ethereum or BNB Smart Chain could also have been chosen:


Finally, you must indicate the number of total items that will compose the collection. 



 After completing all the fields, click on "NEXT".



In the upper right corner, a notice that the collection has been successfully created will appear. Congratulations! 



Next, the platform will allow you to upload the items of your collection, as well as to create your minting page, set up all the stages of private mint, whitelist, pre-sale and main-sale...

The step-by-step of all these steps are described in the following tutorials. Let's continue!


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