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How to import SPOZZ token to be able to see it in the wallet?

In case someone has sent you SPOZZ token to your wallet, you will be able to see the tokens directly depending on which wallet you use (e.g. Phantom), while in other wallets you will have to go through a simple process to see them (e.g. MetaMask).



Wallets in which you can see the tokens directly - Phantom case

As you can see in the following image, in the Phantom wallet the tokens of different networks appear in the same image. There, you can see that there is a fraction of SPOZZ token (SPZZ) and a fraction of MATIC.





Wallets in which tokens must be imported to be able to see them - MetaMask case

In MetaMask, tokens must be imported in order to view them. This happens not only with SPOZZ tokens, but with any token, except for ETH and MATIC, for example, which already appear because they are the native tokens of Ethereum and Polygon networks respectively.


In order to import these tokens we must have already received them. If you have doubts about this, we recommend you to see How to send and receive SPOZZ token (SPZZ).

Well, in the wallet shown below we have received 0.5 SPOZZ tokens, but they are not visible. But, there, you also see the "Import tokens" option, which you need to click on:




When you click on "Import tokens", the following window appears, in which you must enter the correct data of the SPOZZ token. You should look for this data only on official SPOZZ sites. In this tutorial, for example, you can find them.




Token contract address: 0x1275082e83dedbe02d15de62986729f64661892c

Token symbol: SPZZ

Token decimal: 18


When completing the contract, the rest of the fields may be filled in automatically:




After clicking "Next", it detects the amount we hold of the token and asks to confirm again:




After clicking "Import", you can now see the token in MetaMask:







That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to import tokens from SPOZZ.



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