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How to upload the ISRC code, the lyrics of the song and other specific data to our releases?

The loading of specific metadata of a song, a video and all the content you want to launch is done before the launch.

This information can be loaded both in the Drops and in the content to be launched as NFTs. Hence, the process starts by going to "Create", "Create Drops".



Or by going to "Create", "Create NFTs".


Whether creating a Drop or an NFT, the possibility to load specific metadata is found in the "Additional Metadata" field. In fact, the "Add metadata" button must be clicked.  

By clicking there, the possibility of adding a lot of additional information is displayed. It is important to clarify that it is not mandatory to upload this additional data in order to launch the project, nor is it mandatory to upload all the data that appears there. 

But it is also true that once the launching is done, you will not be able to modify this information. Therefore, we recommend that you take into account all the information you wish to incorporate before launching. 

Of course, this will give more detail to each copy that you put on sale and can be purchased, collected or even resold by your followers and fans in the future.



As you can see in the image, there is a lot of information that can be uploaded here:

-The ISRC code is an International Standard Recording Code; it is a unique and permanent identifier that is assigned to a recording, usually of a song or musical work.

 -You can also indicate the artists with whom you have collaborated in the work, which must be registered in SPOZZ to be able to add them in this field.

-You will also be able to identify the record label. As you can see, you do not necessarily have to have a record label, so these fields are optional as previously mentioned.

-Also, you will be able to indicate the day of the release, the lyrics of the song. Indicate if there is explicit content.


Finally, you will also be able to incorporate the links of other platforms on which you have launched this work:

Once you have completed all the information that was conducive according to your release, click on "Save Metadata".

After that, you can continue to complete all the other fields of the release as explained in other tutorials (if necessary, see How to create a Drop in the SPOZZ Marketplace? or How to create a NFT or collectible image, audio or video items in the SPOZZ.club Marketplace with contract 1155?). 

Metadata in Art Drops

As you can see in the following image, it is different the information required if you make an art drop. The criteria is basically the same: you can incorporate all the information you want and consider relevant.


Metadata in Photography Drops

Metadata in Animation Drops

That's it for this tutorial! You have learned how to load metadata into your music, art, photo and animation Drops as well as NFTs.




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