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How to create internal, external and embedded content on the Artist Page?

To create internal and external content on your artist page, go to the "Organize your contents" section in your "Artist tools":



In that section, click on "Add Release". There, you will be able to create both internal and external content.



There, you will be able to create both internal and external content.



Internal content

To create internal content, select this option in the "Type" field:



Then, you will need to select an image and upload the content you want to share with your followers. The content can be an image, an audio or a video:



Next, in this same screen, you must complete the following fields. You can define that this content corresponds to "Music", "Photography", "Animation", "Games", "Podcasts", among other categories. Once completed, click on "Save":



The platform will give you the following notice:



After that, you will be able to see that this content already exists on the platform. But you must specify in which sections of the Artist Page you want it to appear. To do this, where it says "No", you must click on "Yes":



After that, if you go to your Artist Page, this internal content should appear in the sections where you have enabled it. In the following image, you can see that this content called "Contenido interno" appears in the Featured section (here you can also see other content that had been previously created for these tutorials):




External Content

To place external content in your Artist Page, you must start the process in the same section. In this case, you must choose "External Content":



Subsequently, you must upload the corresponding content in each field. As you can see, you can put several links for this external content. This is useful for example if you have the same song published on Soundcloud, Youtube and/or Spotify. It does not need to be uploaded to all of these sites. In this case, we will only put the YouTube link:



After clicking on "Save", the platform will give notice that everything was done successfully and you will have to indicate in which sections of your Artist Page you want this content to be visible:



That's all! If you go to your Artist Page, the external content will appear in the indicated sections. 



You will have to click on the icon of each site (YouTube in this case) to be able to visualize this content in those platforms.

Embedded content

From this same section, you can also upload embedded content. To do so, you must choose "Embbedded Content" and complete the fields with the corresponding information.

You must also indicate in which platform you want to embed or link this content. 



After uploading an image that represents this content, you must enter a code, which you will take from the YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify page, as the case may be:


Next, we will show how to get such a code from YouTube. To do this, in the video we want to link, you must click on the Share button on that page:


When you do so, the following window emerges, in which the first option is "Embed!":


Click on this button. By doing so, you will be able to access the code that you will need to paste into the SPOZZ platform:



Finally, click on "Save". When you do so, the platform will notify you that the process was successful and you will have to, as for internal and external content, put "Yes" in the sections of the Artist Page where you want it to be available:


Any user will be able to find such content in the sections you have defined and will be able to access it by clicking on that item.


That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to upload internal, external and embedded content to your Artist Page.

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