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What types of licenses can artists provide when creating their Music Drops and Music NFTs in SPOZZ?

The following are the types of licenses that exist in SPOZZ and what each of them implies:

Personal Use: those who purchase any of the released copies may play the song as many times as they wish on their personal devices. No playback is allowed on the radio or in public places.

Non-exclusive commercial rights: the owners of the copies can earn a share of the profits the song earns from plays on the SPOZZ platform and on other platforms that accept the license created in SPOZZ. 

Public Domain: the song can be freely listened to and replicated by anyone at no cost.


-With the SPOZZ licenses, the artist does not assign any copyright rights to their music. That is, all copyrights are held by the creators.

-Artists only sell certain types of rights for the use of the song and/or to receive shares of the proceeds from the plays of the song and the times it is shared.


-Artists must own 100 percent of the Master Recording (or have a written agreement with the other owners, prior to uploading such music, that gives them the right to publish the song and share in the profits). 

*Profit sharing will be a future tool also available in SPOZZ.  

Details about publishing rights

- 10 percent of the song's earnings must be paid to the songwriter.

- If a single artist has 100 percent of the publishing rights, they do not need to report to the PRO organization and can keep 100 percent of the publishing royalties.

-If the publishing rights are shared among several parties, the publishing artist must share 10 percent with the other songwriters. The PRO should then pay all songwriters their fair share.

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