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Is it possible to list and sell NFTs created in the SPOZZ Marketplace on other marketplaces? How can I do it?

Yes, of course it is possible.

For this tutorial, we will post an NFT with unlockable content created in the SPOZZ Marketplace on OpenSea.

This is the NFT 1155 in the SPOZZ Marketplace:


On OpenSea you can see several NFTs that we have created for these tutorials. The first one in that list is this one with exclusive content.


To list it, it must be selected and put up for sale:


Buying and selling process

For this tutorial, with another wallet, we will buy this NFT previously listed.

Well, we enter the link and start the purchase. OpenSea presents us with the following prompt:


We accept and confirm with the wallet:


After that, the purchase will be completed. Here is the link to the item in OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2b65b78a08f74922533a82c68fe3c014c9749dbb/5


We have completed the purchase. You can see the history of these items. From the 100 created in the SPOZZ Marketplace, to the three items for sale and the item purchased with the other wallet.

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