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What information can artists have about their followers and how can they organize this information?

If you decide to follow an artist, creator or SPOZZ Marketplace user, you should know that you will be giving them the possibility to know your email address and the social media profile that you have associated with your Marketplace account.

This is to try to give the artists more possibilities of contact with their followers, whether they want to make a new event for example or they are about to release a new song.

Well, the artist will be able to access this fan information through the "Fan database" section in "Artist tools":


By clicking on this section, the artist can access certain data of their followers. 


This list can be filtered through different criteria, which can work in combination as desired by the artist. 

For example, you can select contacts to filter names that begin with a certain letter, that have identified themselves as men and that have linked their Twitter account (X). After that, click on "Apply filter" and you will be able to see the result according to the followers you have.


This type of filter can be saved by clicking on "Save Filter". At that moment, a window will appear so that you can give a name to the filter that you are going to save:

After creating this filter, you can search for it in "Select filter". You can create several filters and also delete them if you want to at some point.


For example, we have also created a filter to distinguish SPOZZ members:


That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to manage your followers' information. In a future tutorial, you will see how to add contacts through an Excel spreadsheet.

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