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How can I search for nfts and items in wallets and contracts through the SPOZZ Marketplace?

In order to find out the NFTs and items in a wallet and/or contract, you should go to "View", "Any wallet viewer".


After clicking on it, you will be given the possibility to add the address of a wallet:


For this tutorial, we copy the address of the following wallet:


We paste it into that site:


By pressing ENTER, we will be able to see the results:


Also, it is possible to sort them alphabetically:


To see less or more items per row...


How to view items in contracts?

With this tool, you can also view the items in the contracts. To do this, in the tab where you previously saw "Wallet", click on the down arrow and select "Contract".

There, as an example, we will paste the SPOZZies contract (SPOZZ's NFT collection): 



Pressing ENTER; the platform offers the following result:


That's all for this tutorial! You have learned how to use the "Any wallet viewer" tool.

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