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How to create and edit "curator's lists" or customized lists of NFTs and/or collectibles?

The SPOZZ Marketplace allows users to create their own lists of NFTs and/or collectibles, whether or not they own them. 

For example, a user could create a list of music items of their choice or video items of their choice and sort them according to their design. 

Other people will, of course, be able to see these lists.

There are two ways to create a new curated list:

1. From the home page

One way is to look for the "Create Curator's list" option on the top bar of the home screen:


After clicking on that option, a screen will open where you can create such a list. In principle, you can upload a banner and an image that identifies this new list.


For this tutorial, we upload the following images:


Subsequently, the following fields must be completed to further define the list and click "Create":


After clicking on "Create", the platform will give the notice that such process was successfully performed:


Upon acceptance, the platform allows you to view the newly created list among other existing lists:


By clicking on the newly created list, you can see that for now it is composed of 0 items. Also, in "Manage list", it could be edited or deleted.


Well, we have already created the "box" in which we can add different items...

So, we look for some items created in previous tutorials and we are going to add them to this list:


To do this, under "Options", choose "Add to curator's list":


Then, the following window will be displayed in which you must select the list to which you want to add this item. As you can see in the following image, there are two lists available and this is because the "Anime" list we had also created that other list. Thus, you can create several curator lists, as well as edit and delete them. 


2. From the publication page of any collectible item:

As you can see in the image shown previously, another way to create a list of creators is to go to "Options" from the publication page of any NFT, click on "Add to curators list" and, right there, create the list. 


Finally, after completing the required fields, click "Create".

That's it for this tutorial! You have learned how to create curator lists.

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